Holidays without our Pets :(

Experiencing the holidays for the first time without a beloved pet can bring up sad feelings of longing for the cherished moments we no longer have. Not having our pets by our sides or on our laps as we engage in our holiday traditions can tug at our heart strings and cast a shadow of sadness over the season of celebration.

If your holidays include Christmas trees you may miss seeing your cat sleeping under the tree or your dog helping with the unwrapping of presents. Even reflecting back on some not-so-fun moments may bring a smile or tear such as your cat leaping into the Christmas tree and shattering glass ornaments or your dog choosing to mark the Christmas tree.

Some of us may recall ours dogs prematurely unwrapping the presents under the tree or our kitties flattening the gift boxes once declaring them cat beds. Our hearts would give anything to go back and relive these moments which may have been a bit stressful at the time but have now transformed into humorous reflections.

I encourage anyone who is a grieving pet parent to honor the life of your beloved pet and remain connected to the loving bond you had with your companion animal this holiday season. Just like there is no right or wrong way to grieve the loss of a pet there is no right or wrong way to honor the human-animal bond during the Holidays.

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