Finding Peace by Creating Meaning

Upon loss of the unconditional loving bond you formed with your pet, you may seek a meaningful interpretation of your companion animal’s death. Creating meaning is a helpful step within the grieving process, and can mirror the energy of unconditional love between you and your pet. Your pet was so intertwined in your life that the lack of their presence can surely be felt. Certain tangible losses, or ones that disrupt daily ritual, may be the most emotionally difficult for you; for example, walking through the door expecting a greeting. The heart never forgets the essence of a beloved pet. One powerful way to create meaning is to celebrate the life of your pet through creating an eulogy. This will help you gather your thoughts about all the joyous memories you created with your pet. Recalling happier times and remembering the fun and love you shared can help heal the pain and heartbreak you are experiencing.

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