Grief when a pet goes missing.

One noteworthy area surrounding the circumstances of pet loss is when the fate of a missing pet is unknown. This can further complicate the grieving process for family members as they ruminate about whether their pet is still alive or dead. This happened to me just a few weeks ago when returning home from vacation. I am certain to have plans in place to look after my indoor pets as well as the outdoor community cats I take care of prior to traveling. Princess, one of the community kitties that has made my backyard her home for years, was not there to greet me when I returned. I asked the neighbors if they had seen my little cutie and the last reported sighting had been two days before I returned. I searched the neighborhood and called to her for days. Each passing day hurt my heart and dampened my hope. The grieving process had set in consisting of extreme sadness and desperate pleas and prayers to beings of higher power. On the morning after I prayed to my deceased Baby Edmund for help in finding Princess she sprung out from behind a bush as I began mowing the backyard lawn. She appeared sick, hungry, and in need of help. Through food, water, and endless love Princess was nursed back to health. After a trip to the vet and Princess’s own willingness she is now a permanent indoor cat. When you find a stray cat that has come back from what you perceived to be death the time has come to welcome her into her forever home.

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