Do I adopt again or not?

After the death of a beloved pet your house and your heart may never feel the same. Many grieving pet owners describe their homes as “feeling empty” and their hearts as “having huge voids”. I found a positive relationship between comfort and having another pet, besides the pet that was dying, in the household. Therefore, suggesting that a pet living with an owner during the death of a pet provides relief from the symptoms of grief and loss. While this is comforting news for multiple pet owners if you only had one pet this does not help you. What I can help you with is to reassure you that there is no right or wrong answer as to whether to adopt another pet or not. If you are feeling guilty about wanting another pet because you think this means you are replacing your beloved pet let me reassure you that is NOT the case. Wanting to open your heart again and allow another fur baby into your life is a beautiful and loving gesture and not at all disrespectful to your beloved pet that has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. As always, allow yourself to feel your feelings without judgement and if/when the time is right give yourself permission to adopt again and to love again.

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