If only we loved ourselves as much as our pets love us.

There is no denying the fact that the human-animal bond evokes feelings of unconditional love. Pets provide the opportunity to experience reciprocal expressions of unconditional love. People feel unconditional love for their pets and feel loved unconditionally by their pets. Pets provide humans with a physical presence that is unlike any other relationship, and within these relationships there is a lack of expectations. After a pet dies it may be difficult learning to live without this special type of love. It is of utmost importance to treat yourself with compassion and kindness after your companion animal dies. There will be a huge void not only in your life but also in your heart. This is an appropriate time to begin practicing some form of self love. What has helped other grieving pet owners is attempting to love themselves as much as they were once loved by their companion animals. It may seem impossible but all we can do is try.

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